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Who we are

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"Both myself and Maxine have found attending support groups beneficial for having a place to be open about how endometriosis affects us. Finding a space where we can be truly honest without judgement has been a great relief as well as sharing experiences and tips for survival with all of you. 

I reached out to Maxine, confident we were both South-siders, hoping to have some added support over the Christmas break. After chatting on Facebook, we met up and discovered we have friends in common. 

It got us thinking about how we wouldn't be the only people to benefit from having a friend you can cry at, a friend you can wear your fat pants with, a friend who gets it, no questions asked. 

We all know how difficult it can be explaining over and over to friends why we can't make it out or why we can’t eat at certain restaurants. For me personally, it's been extremely liberating to have a friend who can say, I hate that, because they know exactly what you're talking about." Jo, Co-Founder

Maxine is a Support Group Leader for The Glasgow Group and Jo works as an Admin on the Glasgow Facebook Group.

What we do

Our Mantra 

Unite – Inform – Support 


Endo Bonds works to fill the information gap faced by health care professionals in Scotland over the condition endometriosis. 

Health care is a devolved power and in Scotland, endometriosis patients have a longer diagnosis time compared with the rest of the UK. Devolved health care deserves a devolved attitude to make it work for all people in Scotland.


Endo Bonds produces Scottish relevant information designed for both the general population and health care professionals, with the help of specialist teams from all fields relating to female health care. We ensure that health care professionals can access up-to-date and Scottish relevant information to benefit the members of the Scottish endometriosis community. 

Our work ensures that all health care professionals understand the need for both physical and emotional support during a patient's journey with endometriosis. Due to this we work closely with the Support Groups in Scotland supported by Endo UK to ensure all members of the community can access emotional support. 

Endo Bonds wants to help create better links between health care teams across Scotland and within the endometriosis community.  


Unite the community of endometriosis patients across Scotland to create a cohesive voice for endometriosis care. 

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