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The story so far....

In Scotland, the average wait for diagnosis is eight and a half years, six months longer than the rest of the UK.

In real terms, when a woman notices her periods are not normal, she will be, on average, 21. She will be nearly 30 before finding the cause of her problems.

That's a huge part of her life lost to pain, suffering and misdiagnosis.  This will affect her ability to work, socialise, and maintain relationships, affecting her chances of being a parent.

Endo Bonds want the Story in Scotland to change, that starts here, with you.


We have complied information from real women and those assigned female at birth with endometriosis in Scotland to help health care professionals gain a better understanding of your patients lives.


From common symptoms and pain areas to the more complex ideas of patients End Goal and Fertility.

Voices of endometriosis patients 

Extract from Clair Dempsey's Photvoice study

"Maslow's Hierarchy of needs came up as part of my friends' PhD today. I thought it was particularly interesting in terms of endometriosis, the first time I've looked at it through this lens.

2021-03-15 (1).png

"How am I supposed to experience love, belonging, esteem and self-actualisation if I don't have the security of body and sexual intimacy, or even what Maslow says is a basic physiological need of sex? 

My Body feels uncomfortable, sex can be painful, and my feelings towards sexual intimacy have changed a lot in the past few years. it is a problem for my partner and me. 

I wonder if we will break up."

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