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*we do not receive any money from the sales of Symjo, a percentage of Megan's profits are donated to the Exppect Clinic Edinburgh

Not too long ago, we received a surprise from the lovely Megan at @symjo. If you have watched the video, you will find out that Megan kindly gifted us with her amazing Symjo, the perfect symptom journal for all chronic illnesses.


In return, we want to pay it forward and do a GIVEAWAY for the Scottish chronic illness community. Stay tuned to both Symjo and Endo Bonds socials for more information.

Giveaway T&C's

Giveaway Includes: 👇

📒 2 - Full 6 month Symjo Symptom Journals

📒 3 - Full 3 month Symjo Symptom Journals

To enter, please follow the steps below: 👇


💛 Like the main giveaway post, follow @endobonds and @symjo, and tag a friend.


💜 Only one entry per person.

🖤 Extra entry if you share your stories. Remember your profile must be public and don't forget to tag @endobonds and @symjo.


T&C's- Entries are accepted on both Instagram and Facebook, but only one entry will be counted if you enter on each platform. You must be over 18 to enter. If you're under 18, please have an adult enter for you. In addition, you must be a resident of Scotland. The giveaway ends Friday, 12th November 2021, at 11:59 pm, GMT. The winner will be announced on our page and stories on Saturday, 13th November 2021, at 3pm, GMT.

By entering, we ask that you use the Symjo and provide feedback either via our socials @endobonds or @symjo on Instagram or Facebook, or email - If you don't feel comfortable sharing on social media, any feedback via email would be appreciated. We just want to make Symjo the best symptom journal and want you all to be a part of the process. You can withdraw at any point; please contact to do so.


Your privacy is important to us - By entering, you agree to have your full name or name on Facebook mentioned on social media should you be the winner.

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.


Get to know Megan?


Megan, a fellow endometriosis warrior, needed a way to effectively track her symptoms to help communicate with her health care professionals the way in which it was affecting her everyday life. She got to work and created a diary that was so helpful to her, she shared it around to see if others would benefit and people were very interested.

After careful planning and taking on board feedback from experts in endometriosis at the EXPPECT clinic in Edinburgh, she has created the Symjo: A Symptom Journal! 

  • An amazing tool to create a solid foundation for objectively looking at your individual symptoms and how they impact your daily life

  • It can be shared with your health care professional to give them a better understanding of how you are living

  • Clear easy to use sections, covering all aspects of your body

  • Track the way your symptoms impact your sleep or vice versa with the NEW Sleep Tracker

Not just for patients


Endo Bonds wants to champion Symjo, symptom journal, as a single system used by all to record and understand endometriosis better.


Endo Bonds mantra is In Scotland, For Scotland, By Scotland, the Symjo meets all these points.

This means the feedback you have kindly given on the journals will help us to target health care professionals understanding of the benefit of a single system of recording symptoms. Their understanding of the diary is crucial. Thousands of women could use it but if Healthcare Providers [HCP] don’t understand how to process this information, it will be lost. Endo Bonds main goal for Symjo is to encourage more HCP to recognize the benefits of a single system of recording endometriosis symptoms.


The target is to get HCP to ask more often, could this be endometriosis?


We at Endo Bonds feel we need a standardized system of recording symptoms in Scotland, for a condition such as endometriosis, as it is difficult and varied to diagnose. A standardised system could increase the likely hood of more people being put forward quicker for specialist knowledge, diagnostic laps and productive treatments.

We are looking for Health care professionals to help in the development of Symjo for Professional use. If you are interested in learning more or in giving feedback on Symjo, email or contact @endobonds.

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