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Support Groups

Get to know some of the leaders

North Highland

Reaching out for support is never easy, coming to a support group can be especially difficult if you don't know anyone or haven't been before. 

Here we want to highlight some of the leaders of the Scottish support groups, help put a face to the name and learn a little about their journey.


It is 20 years this summer since I was officially diagnosed with Endo. My Endo was at it's worst in my early 20's. I think to be honest I put it to the back of my mind for a good few years after my hysterectomy. After having my gallbladder removed in 2019 I started to have symptoms again afterwards. I have a real passion to advocate women's health. I feel strongly that we need to see an improvement in education and I campaign for better local health services and for rural areas not to be forgotten about or left behind.


In March 2020 as part of Endo awareness month I attended the Endometriosis UK parliamentary event. I felt so inspired after speaking to others that I was determined to offer more in my own community. I trained as a group leader back in December 2020 and set up the Endo UK Caithness & Sutherland group on Facebook in January. We have had 2 support meetings online so far. We currently have 53 on the page.

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