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Support Groups

Where to find them

'I have personally found the groups below to be welcoming and supportive spaces for everyone seeking advice on endometriosis. Even if you are still trying to get a diagnosis, they can offer advice, a supportive ear, online groups, and ways to help make life a little easier at times.' -Jo, Endo Bond Co-Founder

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Sweet Williams abundance.

'Flowers for two inspiring new friends. I find socialising difficult sometimes but I know it's important to stay connected and throw myself into situations that scare me. After speaking out about my struggle with endo I sometimes think when people are nice to me it's because they feel sorry for me. 
This is nonsense I know.' 

As well as active Facebook pages they offer real life support group sessions. Due to the Covid19 pandemic they have moved online, offering virtual spaces for support groups, generally one per month. The Facebook pages have resources as well as a friendly ear, find your local one below. 

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