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Support Groups

Get to know some of the leaders


Edinburgh is supported by 2 leaders, Mirela and Lorna.

Reaching out for support is never easy, coming to a support group can be especially difficult if you don't know anyone or haven't been before. 

Here we want to highlight some of the leaders of the Scottish support groups, help put a face to the name and learn a little about their journey.


I've been volunteering with Endometriosis UK since January 2020, and have enjoyed getting to know everyone in the Edinburgh group. It's a safe and welcoming space for anyone suffering from endometriosis. 

My own diagnosis took around seven and a half years (bang on average!). Through the group I've met others with very similar stories, and have found it really useful to share tips and experiences. 

lorna edinburgher.jpg

I've been living with endometriosis pretty much since I've had my first period. Of course, like may of us, I ended up inernalising the pain and pushing through it every time I got my period or had a flareup. 'Man up' - I use to tell myself, ironic, isn't it?

After about two decades of struggles, I passed out from the pain on an airplane after several bouts of vomitting. It was only then, when I could not walk or sit up straight due to pain, that I realised this could not be normal. So eventually, I got diagnosed and had a laparoscopy where a large ovarian endometrioma and deep infiltrated endometriosis between my uterus and bowel were removed. Today I still struggle with debilitating painful periods, but today I tell myself to 'Woman up'! This means to be kind to myself and look after myself as best as possible.

Women should not have to endure for so long, nor live thinking the pain is normal, nor feel like an outcast for having it. I believe raising awareness and bringing women together in a safe space where they can feel accepted, emotionally supported, and where they can share their stories and struggles, is of monumental importance for those who are impacted.

These are my reasons for becoming a support group leader and for running regular support group meetings for women with endometriosis. Come join us at our next session!

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