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Support Groups

Get to know the leaders


Reaching out for support is never easy, coming to a support group can be especially difficult if you don't know anyone or haven't been before. 

Here we want to highlight some of the leaders of the Scottish support groups, help put a face to the name and learn a little about their journey.

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Vicky, Support Group Leader of Endo Dundee, was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2017.  Despite having a fairly short diagnosis time when symptoms started impacting her daily, Vicky experienced symptoms associated with Endometriosis from when she started her periods aged 11.  She hadn't heard of the condition until she got told she had suspected Endometriosis after a MRI scan, the diagnosis of which had to be confirmed by surgery soon after.  


Vicky set up Endo Dundee in January 2019 after attending her closest support group in Fife (a 100-mile round trip from home).  She hopes that the group can be a useful means of support to people with suspected or diagnosed Endometriosis along with their support networks and raise awareness of the condition in the local area.  

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