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Support Groups

Why go to a support group?

It can seem a daunting task to speak up about how you are really feeling about your own body, especially if you haven’t had the best response in the past.

That’s where the amazing support groups of Scotland really play a part in helping you cope with your own personal experience of endometriosis. 


These groups are safe, confidential spaces to talk about how you are feeling and what you’re experiencing.  The private groups will not show up on your Facebook feed or to your friends or family. They are filled with women over 18, at different stages of their journey with Endometriosis, with some male transgender members and non-binary people. Attendees will undoubtedly have similar questions, fears and worries as yourself, and will want to share their experiences and help you understand better what you are going through. At support meetings, no subject is taboo. Group members discuss everything from painful sex, to heavy bleeding and bowel issues.




None of these groups are run by medical professionals and they DO NOT OFFER MEDICAL ADVICE. Only your healthcare provider can offer medical advice based on your medical history and medicine you are taking. 


These groups are for emotional support and offer experiences from their own members and help to provide Scottish-relevant information.


"Emotionally, meetings are not always easy to attend, but speaking openly to other people who know first-hand what living with these issues is like has helped me a lot.

I've made new friends that understand my condition in its entirety and the fears it brings. we advocate for better treatment and awareness together, which helps me feel less isolated and more hopeful."

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Extract from Clair Dempsey Photvoice

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