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We are told only one in ten have endometriosis, but how do truly we know? 

How many women go through their entire menstrual life and only get a diagnosis after a hysterectomy?

Are they included in that figure, or do they not count as they are mistakenly considered to be 'no longer suffering' from the condition? 


We really want to change the way in which people with endometriosis are recorded. With your help we want to create a database of patients across Scotland. Creating an accurate image of the true number of people suffering with endometriosis. 

By answering a few simple questions, anonymously, you will be contributing to creating a starting point for medical professionals and researchers to make connections about the way in which endometriosis affects groups of people, not just the individual.   

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 We want to include information about your periods.

When was the 1st one? When did you realise your periods were not 'normal'? How old were you when you were diagnosed?

This can help us understand how early we should be targeting young people about periods, explaining what’s NOT normal, and where and when to get help.

It may also help us dispel the myth that these conditions only affect older women, and encourage doctors to start listening earlier. 

All of these aspects will help us to build a complete picture of menstrual health throughout Scotland. This will help focus research avenues, considering the individual's needs throughout their entire menstrual life. 
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With a database we would have a realistic number of people with endometriosis.

I've always suspected my Aunt also has endo, knowing if it runs in families would be helpful for younger women

A database would  make it easier for Doctors to focus their research 

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