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Members of the Endo Community 

If you're looking for a support group, to build awareness within your community, learn more about your endo journey, or cheer yourself up, find it all here within our 'Members Section':

Yellow Flowers

Support Groups

All about support groups:                    --Where to find them

-Why attend?

-Members Testimonials

-Meet some of the leaders

Books and Magazines

Articles Of Interest

Get inspired by what other members of the Endo Community have been doing to raise awareness in Scotland. 

Decorative Lighting

Inspirational Extracts

Looking for a pick me up? We know how much of a fun-sponge having Endo can be. If you'd like some inspiration for activities to take your mind off your condition or want to hear about success stories in the Endo world, look no further.

Investment Chart

Scotland's Database

We want your input on creating an endometriosis database for Scotland

Creative Thoughts

Recommended Reading

Books others have found to help



Pain management, Mental Health Support and other third sectors organisations.

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