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Professor Kate Sang Q+A

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Due to some technical issues on the night, we were unable to go live.
Sorry for this.
We do however have a recorded chat we can share!

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I am a Professor of Gender and Employment Studies in Edinburgh Business School, at Heriot Watt University. My research, training and consultancy aims to create equitable employment, fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces where everyone can thrive. Of particular interest how gender intersects with other social identities including disability and migratory status to inform the lived experience of employment. My current research projects include:

  • disability and STEM careers

  • disability and academic careers

  • the management of menstruation, menopause and gynaecological health conditions in the workplace

  • healthy ageing at work

Endo Bonds wants to thank Dawn and Jess for sharing on this recording.

Please be aware we mention incidence of miscarriage

*There is an incident of swearing and we would like to apologise for this in advance

Professor Kate Sang mentioned if anyone has any questions relating to her subject or about points raised in this video she is happy to be contacted via email.

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