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See how others are raising the profile of endometriosis in Scotland and around the world.

Endometriosis: the painful truth - Curious

This event presented by Fiona Stalker, shares the latest thinking on this difficult condition that affects one in ten women in the UK, looking at treatments therapy and how patients are shaping the research agenda.

About Curious This event was part of the RSE's summer events programme Curious. The RSE invites you to Curious, its summer events programme running from 09-27 August 2021. All eyes on Scotland’s leading thinkers in this thought-provoking series of free online talks and intimate conversations designed to question and inspire the world around us to reach new insights.

About RSE The RSE, Scotland’s National Academy, is an educational charity operating on a wholly independent and non-party-political basis to provide public benefit throughout Scotland.

Tao McCready, leader of the Scottish Borders Support group tells her story in the online publication Woman's Healthzine. 

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A BORDERS woman uses her experience with endometriosis to help others in the region.

Endo Girl

By Sophia Bender

Endo Girl is a film aimed at raising awareness of the insidious disease that takes over the lives of one in 9 women worldwide -Endometriosis. Thirteen women share their stories of what it’s like to live with this incurable disease, what an individual’s delayed journey to diagnosis is like, as well as the effect the disease has on their day-to-day lives and their closest relationships. Brought to life through the medium of dance, the film is shocking, violating and takes the audience on a vulnerable journey, exposing what lies beneath the surface of one in 9 women worldwide.

Vicky Chapman, Leader of the Dundee Support group talks about her journey with The Courier

vicky 3.jpg

Dundee Support Group leader Vicky Chapman, from Arbroath, had never even heard of endometriosis before she was eventually diagnosed aged 29, after first getting her periods aged 11.

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If you have a story to tell, contact us below to share

What its like to suffer Endometriosis in 2020 - Glasgow survivors speak out

Waiting lists, misdiagnosis, early menopause, botched surgeries and a lifetime of pain: Glasgow women tell us what it's like to suffer Endometriosis.

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The Sun Newspaper is a great supporter of endometriosis awareness.
Morning Newspaper

The article linked in the image, covers many members of the Scottish endometriosis community.

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