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Endo Bonds

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Connecting the endometriosis community in Scotland
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For anyone in the Scottish endometriosis community. Friends, family, loved ones and people who suspect they have endometriosis are all welcome.

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If you run a Support Group, join us here to get Scottish relevant member led information and content for your group. Join others to learn more and support yourself when dealing with you own endo journey.

Medical Team

Health Care Professionals

Want to understand more to help your patients? We can help.

Understand what it is really like for your patients, everyday, and how you can help them.

Endo Bonds is taking action in response to the 2020 All Party Parliamentary Group report (APPG)

It is vital for healthcare practitioners to be able to identify the symptoms of endometriosis, to be able to support diagnosis and ongoing treatment and care. The APPG are calling on:

  • The Royal College of GPs

  • The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

  • The Royal College of Nursing
    to provide the knowledge, training and experience necessary for their members to to identify symptoms of endometriosis.


As an individual with endometriosis, I personally have met with resistance from Healthcare Professionals. I've been diagnosed for 23 years and still get asked who told me I have endometriosis, no other condition would meet this level of inquiry.

As a member of the Scottish Support Groups, I regularly witness other members' expressing their frustration at healthcare professionals delaying access to treatment, support, medications and surgery. 

As a member of the Scottish community, I want to change that. 


Endo Bonds wants to make it easier for everyone of all levels to access accurate, Scottish-relevant information. Healthcare is a devolved power. We should be tailoring it to our greatest needs. With lower-than-average birth rates, there is cause to take collective action now. 

Lowest recorded birth rate | National Records of Scotland (


Endo Bonds wants to help you help your healthcare provider, G.P, Nurse, general gynaecologist, mental health healthcare provider and physiotherapists. We provide Scottish-relevant information on endometriosis.

We are a resource for health care professionals to:

  • encourage education

  • advise on support

  • help raise awareness of endometriosis.  


Endo Bonds want you to know how and when to be contacting your MP and MSP about healthcare reform. We will keep you updated on any reforms or actions taken here in Scotland. The only way to enact change is to apply political pressure and do it for as long as necessary.  

Politicians change, but people and their needs don’t! 

We are a single body within Scotland working to achieve a Scotland-specific, unified approach to the way endometriosis patients are understood by healthcare professionals across the board. 

We are not the uneducated on our condition, we are the unheard!



Unify all people in Scotland with endometriosis and adenomyosis


Make it easier for everyone in Scotland to find information on endometriosis 


Help to build a community in Scotland for endometriosis 


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